The Aesthetics and Science of Arts Program within the Aesthetics and Science of Arts Department began with Ogai Mori’s Aesthetics in 1892. Though research was originally focused on aesthetics and Western art history, it later came to include Japanese and Asian art history, Western music history, and musicology.

The program has two focuses on research into non-verbal art: theoretical research (aesthetics and art science) and historical research (art history, music history, stage art history, and contemporary artistic theory). Full-time faculty members are complemented by several part-time lecturers who are in charge of each course and cover a wide variety of diverse fields. After studying abroad and participating in practical research activities in Japan and abroad, students will be well prepared to begin professional careers that utilize their respective specialties. The doctoral program aims to train professionals who will be active as specialized researchers both in Japan and abroad.



Department/Specialty/Research Interest/Publication

  • KANAYAMA, Hiromasa

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History

    My major field is the history of the Italian architecture in the 16th and 17th centuries, especially that of Florence and Rome. I am also interested in the prints and sculpture of the same period. Recently, my main research concern is about the correlation between the art/architecture and science of the period, which may be best represented by the case of Galileo Galilei.

    • 『黎明のアルストピア―ベッリーニからレオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチへ』ありな書房、2018年(共著・責任編集)。
    • 『魔術の生成学-ピエロ・ディ・コジモからパラッツォ・ピッティへ』ありな書房、2016年(共著・監修解説)。
    • 「ガリレオと建築―17世紀フィレンツェ建築における『新科学』の影響」『日吉紀要 人文科学』第30号、2015年。
    • 『女性の表象学—レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチからカッリエーラへ』ありな書房、2015年(共著)。
    • 『変身の形態学 マンテーニャからプッサンへ』ありな書房、2014年(共著・責任編集、解題)。
  • GOTO, Fumiko

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History

    My research interests are modern German art, architecture, and gardens. I am seeking new cross-disciplinary ways to investigate multi-layered relationship between gardens, architecture, and art in the modernist movement. Art history, theory of art, and plant ecology are regarded as important disciplines for my research methodology, so-called "Gartenkunstwissenschaft."

    • 「近代デザインにおける「統合」と「規格」:タイポグラフィから建築、そして庭園へ」、『DNP文化振興財団学術研究助成紀要』Vol. 1, 公益財団法人DNP文化振興財団、2018年11月、82-91頁。
    • Ostwalds Farbenlehre und die Farben von Pflanzen. Uber Farbentafeln im Gartenbau, in: Mitteilungen der Wilhelm-Ostwald-Gesellschaft e. V., 22.Jg. 2017, H. 2, 10-30.
    • 「近代園芸学とオストヴァルト色彩論」、『美学』248号、美学会、2016年6月15日、61-72頁。
    • 「近代芸術と共感覚:「共働する感覚」への総合芸術的問いかけ」、石田紗衣編『共感覚から見えるもの:アートと科学を彩る五感の世界』(共著)、勉誠出版、2016年、125-151頁。
    • 「造園植栽家フェルスターをめぐる「〈近さ〉の交信」「〈遠さ〉の交信」:モダニズム建築と天体観測と気象芸術学」、『Booklet (慶應義塾大学アート・センター研究紀要)』22号[特集:コスモス:いま、芸術と環境の明日に向けて](編集主担当)、慶應義塾大学アート・センター、2014年3月、115‐144頁。
  • TOYAMA, Koichi

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History

    My research addresses Florentine sculpture, which is represented by articles on Luca della Robbia, Brunelleschi and on pedestals for statues. My research also covers Sienese painting, including for example my paper in the book Sassetta, Borgo San Sepolcro Altarpiece, in which I discuss the rendering of shadows by Sienese artists such as Sassetta, Giovanni di Paolo or Pietro Giovanni d’Ambrogio.

    • Brunelleschi's ram, The Burlington Magazine, vol.136, no.1101, 1994, pp. 832-34.
    • 「台座考」(『西洋美術研究』第9号、2003)
    • Light and Shadow in Sassetta: The Stigmatization of Saint Francis and the Sermons of Bernardino, in Machtelt Israëls (ed), Sassetta, The Borgo San Sepolcro Altarpiece, Leiden-Florence, 2009, 305-18.
    • 『祭壇画の解体学』(編著、ありな書房、2011)
    • 『西洋絵画の歴史1 ルネサンスの驚愕』(小学館、2013)
  • NAITO, Masato

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    History of Japanese Art, Paintings and Prints

    My area of expertise is the history of painting and woodblock printing in the Edo period, while my research deals primarily with Ukiyo-e and Rinpa artists and their works. I also have a strong interest in all works from ancient to modern times that are connected with narrative and genre painting. Moreover, I am examining the monumental question of how Japanese art fits into the history of world art.

    • 『もっと知りたい歌川広重 生涯と作品』(東京美術、2007)
    • 『勝川春章と天明期の浮世絵美人画』(東京大学出版会、2012)
    • 『浮世絵とパトロン』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2014)
    • 『うき世と浮世絵』(東京大学出版会、2017)
    • 『北斎への招待』(朝日新聞出版、2017)
  • NAKAO, Tomohiko
    Associate Professor

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Arts Management

    The term arts administration/arts management is used to refer to the management of arts organizations, many of which have a juridical status of nonprofit or public organization. The aim is primarily to give formal management education to arts managers and to enable arts organizations to attain effective and efficient management for social missions. Arts management is an interdisciplinary and pragmatic area, so its standard curriculum consists of various subjects such as nonprofit studies, organizational theory and behavior, strategic management, marketing, fundraising, accounting, quantitative analysis, and education in the arts. My main interests lie in nonprofit management, arts marketing, arts management education, and orchestra management.

    • 『アーツ・マネジメント概論 三訂版』(共著、水曜社、2009)
    • 「アーツ・マネジメントの定義・歴史・体系、わが国での今後の可能性についての試論」(『ミクストミューズ増刊号』、2011)
    • Democracy in Orchestras (1): Musician Involvement in U.S., British and Japanese Orchestras(『静岡文化芸術大学研究紀要』vol. 7、2006)
    • Democracy in Orchestras (2): Musician Involvement in U.S., British and Japanese Orchestras(『静岡文化芸術大学研究紀要』vol. 8、2007)
  • NISHIKAWA, Hisao

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Musicology, History of Western Music

    I specialize in music from the Classical period, with a particular emphasis on W.A. Mozart. I focus on issues of Mozart's compositional process and the performance practice and contemporary reception of his works by studying the original manuscripts. My research interests also include court orchestras, theaters, public concerts, and music publishing in Vienna and Salzburg in the 18th century.

    • 『モーツァルト』音楽之友社、2005年。
    • 「ラノワ・コレクションのモーツァルト資料」樋口隆一編著『進化するモーツァルト』春秋社、2007年、197-242頁。
    • 「モーツァルト《ト短調交響曲》K. 550の“Corrupt Passage”再考」『新モーツァルティアーナ 海老澤敏先生傘寿記念論文集』音楽之友社、2011年、 320-334頁。
    • 「W. A. モーツァルトの演奏用パート譜に関する一考察 -「筆写者二七」のミサ曲史料を中心に-」『芸術学』(慶應義塾大学・三田芸術学会誌)第22号、2018年、pp.27‐49。
    • “Die Bassbesetzung in den Serenaden, Divertimenti und Notturni von Michael Haydn”, In Johann Michael Haydn. Werk und Wirkung, Strube Verlag, München, 2010, S. 193-206.

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Japanese Art History

    My research and teaching interests center on the history of Japanese Buddhist paintings, but I also wish to seek the underlying qualities of Japanese aesthetics from ancient times to the modern day. Furthermore, I've been grappling with the question of what "art" is.

    • 『鎌倉仏教絵画考:仏画における「鎌倉派」の成立と展開』(中央公論美術出版、2010)
    • 『仏教美術史論集Ⅰ 様式論ーースタイルとモードの様式分析』(編著、竹林舎、2012)
    • 『仏教美術論文集3 図像学Ⅱーイメージの成立と伝承(浄土教・説話画)』(編著、竹林舎、2014)
    • 『別尊曼荼羅』(『日本の美術』433、至文堂、2002)
    • 『妙見信仰と星曼荼羅』(『日本の美術』377、至文堂、1997)
  • FUKUDA, Wataru
    Associate Professor

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Musicology, History of Western Music

    The main subject of my research is the music of Franz Liszt, a 19th-century Romantic-era musician. I am especially interested in his musical manuscripts for the purpose of elucidating the composition process of his religious compositions, the relationship between the many versions and arrangements of his works, and the environment in which Liszt worked and created.

    • 『リスト』作曲家 人と作品シリーズ、音楽之友社2005年2月5日。
    • Franz Liszt, Cantico di San Fransesco for trombone with pianoforte or organ, Urtext, Liszt Society Publications vol. 13, ed. Wataru FUKUDA, The Hardie Press, 2016, pp. iv-vi, 1-31.
    • 「F.リストの宗教音楽における教会旋法の問題」、『音楽学』第41巻Ⅰ号、 日本音楽学会、1995年10月 13-32頁。
    • An unknown version of ""Cantico di San Francesco"", Liszt Society Journal vol. 23, London 1998, pp. 17-26.
    • A little-known version of Liszt’s song Angiolin dal biondo crin, A study based on an autograph discovered in Tokyo, Quaderni dell’ Istituto Liszt, vol. 15, 2016, pp. 49-68.
  • FUJITANI, Michio

    Foreign Languages
    Classical Literature, Italian Literature, Comparative Literature

    My research focuses on Dante’s Divine Comedy, which I study from several points of view. Along with investigating its relationship with classical Latin Literature and Greco-Roman Philosophy, I observe its connections with coeval disciplines such as Medieval Natural Science and Christian Theology. After analyzing each cant as a whole, I observe in detail the theme it deals with, in order to interpret the author’s intention as faithfully as possible. My work of interpretation and research on the sources is complemented by explanatory notes of Dante's word usage, which will be included in the translation of the Comedy I am presently preparing.

    • 『神曲』地獄篇(第1歌~第17歌)、河出書房新社、2018年。
    • ダンテ『神曲』における数的構成、慶應義塾大学出版会、2016年。
    • Shinkyoku, il canto divino. Leggere Dante in Oriente, Trento, Editrice Università degli Studi di Trento, 2000.
    • Dalla legge ottica alla poesia: la metamorfosi di «Purgatorio» XV 1-27”, «Studi danteschi», vol. LXI(1989), pp. 153-185, Società Dantesca Italiana.
    • “Leggere le poesie dall’ottica filosofica orientale/occidentale: Haru to shura di Miyazawa Kenji e La Divina Commdia (Inf.VII, XVII, XIX) di Dante Alighieri”, Congedo editore, 2008, pp. 15-26.
  • MOCHIZUKI, Noriko

    Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History, Art Theory

    The focus of my research is twofold: (1) to analyze early modern art and art theory in France concerning the art of Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) in particular, and (2) to analyze the establishment and transformation of artistic theory at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture in the latter half of the 17th century, a theory which commended the works of Poussin as a canon. My study considers the relationship between factors related to Poussin such as his theory of production, his works and their acceptance, discourses on works and painters, social contexts, and art collections.

    • 望月典子『ニコラ・プッサン: 絵画的比喩を読む』慶應義塾大学出版会、2010年
    • 望月典子「ニコラ・プッサンの「聖家族」―一六五〇年前後のフランスでのプッサン受容を手掛かりに」近世美術研究会編『イメージ制作の場と環境―西洋近世・近代美術史における図像学と美術理論』所収、中央公論美術出版、2018年
    • Noriko MOCHIZUKI, "Le tableau d'autel du Roi: L'institution de l'eucharistie de Nicolas Poussin,'' Aesthetics (The Japanese Society for Aesthetics), no. 22, 2018, pp. 40-54.
    • Noriko MOCHIZUKI, "Mars et Vénus de Nicolas Poussin: Sa réception de l'art antique et de la poétique de Marino,'' Dix-Septième siècle (Presses Universitaires de France), no.255, 2012, pp. 341-351.
    • Noriko MOCHIZUKI, "Le regard des curieux sur les peintures dans le Paris du XVIIème siècle,'' Aesthetics (The Japanese Society for Aesthetics), no. 16, 2012, pp. 36-52.