The specialties of the academic faculty of the Department of French Literature are concerned with modern and contemporary literature as well as French linguistics. We have an academic team that is capable and prepared to address a wide variety of student interests and demands. The master’s program is especially unique as students are required to take all courses in its curriculum. This requirement encourages an open mind for the French language and its literature, without becoming too narrow-minded in any one single area of study. Small class sizes mean rich, meaningful courses and thorough research advisement by experts in their field. Students are able to acquire the information and methodologies that are essential to becoming researchers.

All of our academic faculty hold PhDs and have studied abroad in France multiple times. We encourage our graduate students, and especially our doctoral students, to study abroad during their academic careers, and many of our students study abroad at one of Keio’s many partner schools in France or on a French government scholarship. Moreover, our French faculty ensure our students receive thorough training in French public speaking, presentation, and composition.



Department/Specialty/Research Interest/Publication

  • ICHIKAWA, Takashi

    French Literature
    Modern Literature and Philosophy

    My research interests focus on the authors and philosophers, such as Georges Bataille and Jean-Paul Sartre, who tried to redefine subjectivity under the influence of Nietzsche and Heidegger in the 1930s.

    • アラン・バディウ、ジュディス・バトラー、ジャック・ランシエール、ジョルジュ・ディディ=ユベルマン、サドリ・キアリ著『人民とはなにか』(翻訳、以文社、2015)
    • « De "La fin du 6 février" à la naissance de Thomas l'obscur », Défi de lecture: Thomas l'obscur de Maurice Blanchot, Presses Universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2017 (共著)
    • « La Politique du mythe : Débat virtuel entre Bataille et Drieu », Cahiers Bataille, no 3, Éditions les Cahiers, 2016
    • 「時間、自己触発、固有性:超越論的感性論をめぐるジャン=リュック・ナンシーとジャック・デリダの討論」『人文学報フランス文学』, 513-15, 首都大学東京人文学研究科, 2017
    • « Généalogie de l'affirmation de la pensée négative », A. Milon(ed.), Leçon d'économie générale : l'expérience-limite chez Bataille-Blanchot-Klossowski, Presses Universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2018
  • OGINO, Anna

    French Literature
    French Literature (16th Century)

    I specialize in 16th-century French literature, in other words, the Renaissance era represented by François Rabelais. Monk, doctor, and writer, he is one of the multi-talented intellectuals for whom the border between sciences and letters did not exist.
    My interest goes toward the interference between comic and cosmic in Rabelais' works. His exuberant style, based on both popular and humanistic traditions, tends to recognize the infinite harmony between the universe and the human being.
    Recently, I am trying to compare some Rabelaisian anecdotes with Japanese stand-up ""rakugo"" comedy that I myself perform as a disciple of an eminent player.

    • Les éloges paradoxaux dans Le tiers et Le quart livres de Rabelais : enquête sur le comique et le cosmique à la Renaissance, Tokyo, France Tosho, 1989.
    • 『ラブレー出帆』(岩波書店、1994)
    • 『ラブレーとノストラダムス』(共著、『ノストラダムスとルネサンス』岩波書店、2000)
    • 『ラブレーで元気になる』(みすず書房、2005)
    • ノエル・デュ・ファイユ『田園閑談』(翻訳、『フランス・ルネサンス文学集2』白水社、2016)
  • OGURA, Kosei

    French Literature
    Modern French Literature and Cultural History

    My research focuses on French literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially the novel, and from the perspective of cultural history. History, city, landscape, orientalism, body, pathology, gender: these are the main themes of my studies. Furthermore, I am also interested in life-writing studies such as autobiography, memoirs, diary, correspondence, and self-fiction.

    • 『身体の文化史』(中央公論新社、2006)
    • 『恋するフランス文学』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2012)
    • 『革命と反動の図像学』(白水社、2014)
    • 『写真家ナダール』(中央公論新社、2016)
    • 『ゾラと近代フランス 歴史から物語へ』(白水社、2017)
  • KATAGI, Tomotoshi

    French Literature
    Literature and Theatre During the Classical Period, Comparative Fairy Tales

    My research has been focused on questions of theatre and reflexivity, which include social mimesis and theatrical mimesis and representations of femininity. Another interest I have kept since childhood has led me to study folklore in literature, in particular magical mentalities in folktales, implications of the "supernatural wife (husband)" motif (AT 400-459), and media mix strategy of the fantasy industry, with a particular emphasis on the question of shared cultural and affective experience across generations.

    • 『ペロー童話のヒロインたち』(せりか書房、1996)
    • 『星の王子さま学』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2005)
    • 『少女が知ってはいけないこと:神話とおとぎ話に描かれた〈女性〉の歴史』(PHP研究所、2008)
    • "Des versions Perrault-Lhéritier à quelques caractéristiques de Dame Holle", in Dominique P.-L. (dir.), L'écho des contes, PUR, 2019
    • "Éco-animisme dans les fantasy anime de Hayao Miyazaki ––Princesse Mononoké, Le Voyage de Chihiro, Ponyo sur la falaise", Fantasy art and studies 5, pp. 11-15, Têtes imaginaires, 2018
  • KIDA, Kohei

    French Literature
    French Linguistics

    My research interest lies in the semantic-pragmatic interface (conditional, metaphor, proverb, anaphora, implicature, etc.), with special reference to the French literary language. My account has been developed within the Theory of Semantic Blocks, a framework advocated by Marion Carel, which incorporates the key insights of Oswald Ducrot's argumentation-based semantics.

    • Cognition et émotion dans le langage(共同編著、慶應義塾大学出版会、2006)
    • 『プチ・ロワイヤル和仏辞典 第3版』(執筆協力、旺文社、2010)
    • « Prédicat argumentatif et concept ad hoc », Travaux de linguistique 70, 2015
    • « L'anaphore conceptuelle au prisme de la Théorie des Blocs Sémantiques », Discours 19, 2016
    • « L'argumentativité de la métaphore dans une sémantique argumentative », Marc Bonhomme et al. (dir.), Métaphore et argumentation, Editions Academia, 2017
  • TSUKIYAMA, Kazuya

    French Literature
    French Literature of 19th Century

    « Surnaturalisme » in the art criticism of Baudelaire and Huysmans

    • « L’imagination chez Baudelaire, mouvement et construction » (RHLF, 2019, n°2, p.333-345.)
    • « Le naturel dans la théâtralité baudelairienne » (Romantisme, n°179, 2018, p.141-150.)
    • « Le poème en prose chez Huysmans : contre la bourgeoisie » (La Licorne, n°90, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2010.)
    • (翻訳)アラン・コルバン『知識欲の誕生』(藤原書店、2014年)
    • (共訳)ミシェル・ヴィノック『知識人の時代 バレス/ジッド/サルトル』(紀伊國屋書店、2007年)
  • MINEMURA, Suguru

    French Literature
    Modern and Contemporary French Literature (Jean Genet)

    Researching the influence of the unique forms of punishment that emerged in 19th century France, including isolation cells and penal colonies, on modern authors, especially Jean Genet. Other themes include “faits divers”, return, confession, and description.

    • 『フランス現代作家と絵画』(共編著、水声社、2009)
    • ジュネ『公然たる敵』(共訳、月曜社、2011)
    • Dictionnaire Jean Genet(共著、Honoré Champion、2014)
    • 「ミシェル・ヴィユシャンジュを読むジュネ」(『藝文研究』第107号、2014/第108号、2015)
    • タハール・ベン・ジェルーン『嘘つきジュネ』(単訳、インスクリプト、2018)

    French Literature
    Modern French Literature

    19th Century French Poetry. French-language Literature of Belgium.

    • Mallarmé(共著、Editions InterUniversitaires、1998)
    • Mallarmé ou l'obscurité lumineuse(共著、Hermann, 1998)
    • シャルル・ペギー『クリオ 歴史と異教的魂の対話』(翻訳、河出書房新社、2019)
    • ジル・ドゥルーズ『記号と事件』(翻訳、河出文庫、2007)
    • マリ・ゲヴェルス『フランドルの四季暦』(翻訳、河出書房新社、2015)