The Philosophy Program within the Department of Philosophy and Ethics has consistently led the research of Western philosophy in Japan since its establishment. Philosophy, while one of the oldest academic subjects, is still as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, combining its long tradition with state-of-the-art technologies. Our faculty consists of two researchers of classical philosophy and five researchers of modern and contemporary philosophy. The master's program has approximately 10 graduate students, with about 5 graduate students in the doctoral program, many of them having come from other departments and universities.

Students are expected to actively participate in graduate seminars, and the graduate programs culminate in a master's thesis and doctoral dissertation respectively. In addition to regular, on-campus meetings of the Keio University Mita Philosophy Society, students also present at joint research meetings of philosophy and ethics (MIPS). There are also opportunities to present on research at conferences both in Japan and abroad and to publish papers in a range of scholarly journals and magazines that include Philosophy (Mita Philosophy Society, Keio University). Many students also have opportunities to get involved in various research projects across the university.



Department/Specialty/Research Interest/Publication

  • ARAHATA, Yasuhiro

    Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Hermeneutics

    The main aims of my research are twofold: 1) to compare and connect G. Frege's philosophy of logic, Wittgenstein's early philosophy and Heidegger's hermeneutical phenomenology to each other over the problems of the so-called "metaphysical internalism" and the possibility of philosophical languages, and 2) to depict the thoughts of Aristoteles, Kant (Kritik der Urteilskraft), Heidegger, Gadamer, Wittgenstein, Ryle, Anscombe, McDowell, and M. Thompson as a tradition in the philosophy of knowledge, language and action, which might be called "the tradition of Phronesis."

    • 『世界を満たす論理 —— フレーゲの形而上学と方法——』, 勁草書房, 2019年.
    • 『これからのウィトゲンシュタイン——刷新と応用のための14篇』, 荒畑靖宏・山田圭一・古田徹也[編著], リベルタス, 2016年.
    • 『世界内存在の解釈学 —— ハイデガー「心の哲学」と「言語哲学」』春風社, 2009年.
    • Welt – Sprache – Vernunft, Ergon Verlag, Würzburg, 2006.
  • UEEDA, Yoshinori

    Western Medieval Philosophy

    Metaphysics and epistemology in Thomas Aquinas. Analytic Thomism. Theories of epistemic justification. The philosophy of religion.

    • 「トマスの言語哲学」(竹下政孝・山内志朗編『イスラーム哲学とキリスト教中世Ⅱ』岩波書店、2012)
    • 「トマスの神はエッセのイデアか」(中世哲学会『中世思想研究』55号、2013)
    • 「現実性としてのエッセ再考」(関西哲学会『アルケー』21号、2013)
    • 「トマスにおける神の知の不変性と時間の認識」(中世哲学会『中世思想研究』58号、2016)
    • 「現実性をめぐって ——トマスの方から」(関西哲学会『アルケー』第25号、2017)
  • KASHIWABATA, Tatsuya

    Philosophy of Action, Contemporary Metaphysics

    My main research areas are in the philosophy of action, the philosophy of mind and rationality, the philosophy of language, and contemporary metaphysics (including event ontology, philosophy of time, and the study of the nature of values). Recently I have been interested in the problem of the relationship between time and rationality in the context of human actions or lives, and also interested in questions about death.

    • 『自己欺瞞と自己犠牲』(勁草書房、2007)
    • 「幸福の形式」(戸田山和久・出口康夫編『応用哲学を学ぶ人のために』世界思想社、2011)
    • 「自己欺瞞」(信原幸弘・太田紘史編『シリーズ新・心の哲学Ⅲ 情動篇』勁草書房、2014)
    • 『コミュニケーションの哲学入門』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2016)
    • 『現代形而上学入門』(勁草書房、2017)
  • KANEKO, Yoshihiko

    Ancient Greek Philosophy

    My main aim is to shed light upon some fundamental concepts such as mind, nature, virtue, reason, etc. both from the historical and philosophical points of view. Now I am working on Aristotle’s natural philosophy, in particular his zoological writings, by way of focusing on the problems of normativity in the natural world.

    • 「動物の知性 ―『動物誌』に見るその位置づけと「擬人化」の問題 ―」『理想』第696号, 理想社, 2016年.
    • アリストテレス全集第八・九巻『動物誌』上・下(共訳・解説), 岩波書店, 2015年.
    • 「ポリス的動物の自然性 ― アリストテレスの政治学・倫理学にみる人間像」, 首都大学東京 人文・社会系編『人文学報』第429号, 2010年.
    • 「アリストテレスの思惟論再考」, 首都大学東京都市教養学部人文・社会系紀要『人文学報』第414号, 2009年.
  • SAITO, Yoshimichi

    Phenomenology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy of Europe

    ・Reinterpretation of the Relationship between Phenomenon and Being ・Problem of 'Unscheinbares'

    • 『心という場所:「享受」の哲学のために』(勁草書房、2003)
    • 『「実在」の形而上学』(岩波書店、2011)
    • 『生命と自由: 現象学、生命科学、そして形而上学』(東京大学出版会、2014)
    • 『「東洋」哲学の根本問題:あるいは井筒俊彦』(講談社、2018)
    • 『私は自由なのかもしれない:〈責任という自由〉の形而上学』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2018)
  • TANAKA, Senji
    Associate Professor

    Philosophy of Science

    My research focuses on philosophical issues in contemporary biology, especially evolutionary biology, microbiology, developmental biology, and cell biology. Particular topics include: evolution of altruism, levels of selection, species problem, essentialism, biological individuality, homology, teleology, reductionism, and anthropocentrism. I am also interested in naturalistic approaches to human mind and morality.

    • A phenomenological and dynamic view of homology (共著、Biological theory 12, 2017)
    • 『生物学の哲学入門』(共著、勁草書房、2016)
    • 『モラル・サイコロジー』(共著、春秋社、2016)
    • 『入門 科学哲学』(共著、慶應義塾大学出版会、2013)
    • 「微生物と本質主義」(科学基礎論学会『科学基礎論研究』40-1, 2012)