Western History


Three distinct features define the Western History Program within the Department of History: (1) small class sizes that allow for individual guidance, (2) training to develop skills in analyzing primary sources and historical viewpoints, and (3) historical research from an interdisciplinary point of view. In the master’s program, students acquire basic knowledge by reading primary sources and basic research literature.

In the doctoral program, students leverage the basic knowledge they have acquired to further develop advanced research skills. We aim to train researchers through dissertation preparation. Research in the Western History Program covers a vast range of time and space, from ancient to modern. Different research topics require different skills and abilities, so unlike in the undergraduate course, the doctoral program in particular is most successful when the research fields of the student and the supervisor are closely related. Faculty members' research interests include medieval Britain, the medieval Western Church, 20th-century Spanish culture, modern Spanish society and culture, modern Germany and Yugoslavia, early modern Swiss society, ancient Roman society and economy, and modern French society, international relations.



Department/Specialty/Research Interest/Publication

  • Western History
    Religious, Cultural, and Intellectual History of Medieval Europe

    Dr. Akae is a historian of medieval Europe and has studied the preaching of mendicant friars from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries as mass medium before print was introduced by Johannes Gutenberg. Dr. Akae trained as a medievalist at Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds, and his recent publications include a monograph,

    • ʻJohn XXII as a Wavering Preacher: The Popeʼs Sermons and the Norms of Preaching in the Beatific Vision Controversy’, in Communicating Papal Authority in the Middle Ages, ed. by Minoru Ozawa, Thomas W. Smith, and Georg Strack (Routledge, 2023), pp. 41-61(「揺らぐ言葉と説教者の権威──教皇ヨハネス22世の至福直観の教義をめぐる説教」関西学院大学キリスト教と文化研究センター編『ことばの力──キリスト教史・神学・スピリチュアリティ』関西学院大学キリスト教と文化研究センター 2023年, 55-82頁)
    • 赤江雄一・岩波敦子編『中世ヨーロッパの伝統―テクストの生成と運動―』慶應義塾大学出版会, 2022年(「はじめに」i-v頁;「西洋中世における説教術書の伝統生成―説教術書は制度的ジャンルか」3-20頁)
    • A Mendicant Sermon Collection from Composition to Reception: The ‘Novum opus dominicale’ of John Waldeby, OESA (Turnhout: Brepols, 2015)
    • 「語的一致と葛藤する説教理論家—中世後期の説教における聖書の引用」ヒロ・ヒライ、小澤実編『知のミクロコスモス—中世・ルネサンスのインテレクチュアル・ヒストリー』中央公論新社, 2014年
    • ジョン・H.アーノルド『中世史とは何か』図師宣忠との共訳, 岩波書店, 2022年
  • SHIMIZU, Akiko

    Western History
    Modern German History and History of Yugoslavia

    My main research interest is the contemporary history of Germany and its relation to Southeast Europe (Serbia and Croatia) in the twentieth century. My particular focus is on racism and nationalism as well as ethnic formation and conflicts in the interwar period during the Second World War and the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. My book (in German) German Occupation of the Serbian Banat during 1941-1944 explored in the context of National Socialism the formative process which lead to the development of the ethnic groups. Further, I am interested in the treatment of these processes in the media and historiography.

    • Die deutsche Okkupation des serbischen Banats 1941-1944 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der deutschen Volksgruppe in Jugoslawien (Münster: Lit-Verlag, 2003) 487pp.
    • 「バルカンにおける負の連鎖−ボスニア内戦を中心に」『「対テロ戦争」の時代の平和構築−過去からの視点,未来への展望』(東信堂,2008年)
    • 「ナチス・ドイツ傀儡『クロアチア独立国』のセルビア人虐殺(1941〜42年)」および「クロアチア『祖国戦争』と『民族浄化』(1991〜95年)」『大量虐殺の社会史−戦慄の20世紀』(ミネルヴァ書房,2007年)
    • 「スロヴェニア人の移動」および「第二次世界大戦中のナチ・ドイツとバルカン」『中欧・東欧文化事典』(丸善出版、2021年)
    • K.カーザー『ハプスブルク軍政国境の社会史』(共訳、学術出版、2013)
  • NONOSE, Koji

    Western History
    History of the Swiss Reformation, History of Rural Society in Switzerland

    My special field of my research is the history of the Swiss Reformation, especially the history of rural society in Switzerland. To understand close interrelations between the Reformation and the German Peasants' War properly, I have analyzed the influence of the theological doctrines of the reformers upon European rural society during the first century of the Reformation in detail. I concentrated heavily on both the conjunction between religion and society and the various changes in the rural lives of the Common man. As primary sources, I have used many contemporary documents, particularly grievances and articles of the village commune over lordship, serfdom, tithe and heriot in the German Peasants' War. I attempted to reveal the essence of "the laws of God" for the Common man. More recently I have started research on religion and politics in the Swiss cities during the Reformation.

    • 『ドイツ農民戦争と宗教改革:近世スイス史の一断面』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2000)
    • 「ドイツ農民戦争期におけるチューリヒの農奴制問題について」(『西洋史学』197号、2000)
    • 「宗教改革者と農奴制:ベルンの再洗礼派の例を中心にして 」(『西洋史学』212号、2004)
    • 『宗教改革と農奴制:スイスと西南ドイツの人格的支配』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2013)
    • 浅見雅一氏との共編著『キリスト教と寛容:中近世の日本とヨーロッパ』(慶應義塾大学出版会、2019年2月28日公刊、総数277頁)。
  • YAMAMICHI, Yoshiko

    Western History
    Modern Spanish (Catalan) History

    My current research theme covers the silk industry of Barcelona from the second half of the 18th century to the first half of the 19th century, in particular, the silk-stocking trade of that period. Through the systematic studies of historical documents such as testaments, inventories post-mortem and marriage settlements of such craftsmen and of their wives and widows, I seek to shed light on the changes to their lives and labor on the eve of the industrialization: how their working styles and family structures changed, how their lifestyle culture and mentality changed, and how they tried to survive that period of transformation.

    • 『近代都市バルセロナの形成:都市空間・芸術家・パトロン』(共著、慶應義塾大学出版会、2009)
    • 「ギルド社会における職業と家族:産業革命前夜のバルセローナにおける絹産業」(『スペイン史研究』28号、2014)
    • 「産業化以前のバルセローナにおける家業と女性(1770−1820)ー絹産業ギルドの親方・職人とその妻、寡婦、娘たちの「結婚契約書」「遺言書」からー 」(『史学』89巻4号、2021)
    • (共著)"Silk textiles, crisis and adaptative strategies in Catalonia, 1770-1850s (Barcelona and Manresa) ", Continuity and Change, vol.35-no.1, 2020.
    • (共著)"Migración y género en las familias artesanas de Barcelona, 1770-1817", Investigaciones de Historia Económica/Economic History Research, vol. 19, 2023.