The Graduate School of Letters offers the following degrees as proof of our graduates expertise and skill.

Master of Arts in Philosophy, Master of Arts in Philosophy (Aesthetics), Master of Arts in History, Master of Arts in Literature, Master of Arts in Japanese Language Education, and Master of Arts in Library and Information Science.

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Ph.D. in Philosophy (Aesthetics), Ph.D. in History, Ph.D. in Literature, and Ph.D. in Library and Information Science.

Over the past five years, approximately 360 students have completed a master's degree and around 50 obtained their doctorates.

Number of Degrees Conferred


Master of Arts

Philosophy Philosophy (Aesthetics) History Literature Japanese Language Education Library and Information Science
2015 12 11 7 27 3 10
2016 9 8 13 29 9 6
2017 7 8 11 21 3 9
2018 9 14 14 19 4 7
2019 6 8 6 20 3 8


Year/Degree Philosophy Philosophy (Aesthetics) History Literature Library and Information Science
2015 4 0 3 2 1
2016 1 1 2 6 0
2017 1 0 4 2 0
2018 3 0 2 4 0
2019 2 1 1 6 3

List of Doctoral Dissertations


Academic Field Name Title
Literature Takafumi Akimoto American Fiction and Changes in the American Currency System
Literature Tanokuchi Shogo The Power of Nothingness: Destruction and Reconstruction of American Ideals in Herman Melville's Writings
Literature Koizumi Yumiko College upon a Hill: The Rise of the American Epic in the Age of the Connecticut Wits
Literature Hosono Kaori Double-faced Maps: The Georacial Imagination in Mark Twain's Works
Literature Shiga Shunsuke Living in the Middle of Nowhere: Ontological Ambivalence in Jhumpa Lahiri's Works
Philosophy Watanabe Yumi Filippo Lippi's Apse Fresco at Spoleto Cathedral: Its Iconographical Programme and Patronage
Philosophy Okajima Ryusuke A Philosophy of Free Acts: Time and Space in Bergson's Early Philosophy
Literature Tominaga Maki Izumi Kyoka's will to narrate: Analyzing images and faith in his works
History Mochida Yohei Development Process of Nationalism in Singapore Chinese Society, 1896-1909
Library and Information Science Hashizume Akiko "Work" in Japanese library catalogs —Examining issues from the viewpoint of operational concretization of the abstract bibliographic entity—
Philosophy Yokoro Yoshiyuki Identity and Individuals: A Systematic Approach Based on Sortal Concepts
Library and Information Science Shiozaki Junko Kodomo-bunko:children's private libraries in Japan
Library and Information Science Nemoto Akira The School Library for Education Reform
Academic Field Name Title
Literature Hattori Tetsuya A Comprehensive Study of Natsume Soseki’s Theory of Literature (Bungakuron): A Study of his Lectures at the Tokyo Imperial University and Early Works
Literature Suzuki Aya Words in Novels and Plays: Izumi Kyōka 's Consciousness of Two Expressive Modes
Literature Oki Yoshino A Study of Konoe Iezane's Poetic Circles
Philosophy Ishida Kyoko Autonomy und Law: The Foundational Framework for Kant’s Philosophy of Law
Philosophy Anzai Yuichiro The Epistemology of Learning and Interaction: A Goal-Directed Adaptive Agent is an Epistemic Agent
Philosophy Tamura Kyoko Ethics of Living Donor Organ Transplantation
History Gi Ikushin Fujian Lineage Organizations and Feng-shui in the Ming-Qing Period: Taking Various Problems related to Graveside Trees as Clues
History Sato Hidenari A Study of Administration through Documents in the Kamakura Shogunate
Literature Tsuchida Tomonori Paul de Man's War
Academic Field Name Title
Philosophy Takahashi Yuta On Gentzen's Three Consistency Proofs for Arithmetic
History Itoga Shigeo A Historical Consideration of Bushidan Leagues in Medieval Hitachi Province
History Mishina Masanobu Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Network in Modern Japan
History Yajima Akiko Views of Animals in Ancient China: Environments and Attitudes of Antiquity Visible in Bird Imagery
History Harada Akiko Urban Government and Political Power in Rome in the Early Modern Period: The Relations Between Roman Municipal Administration and Curia Under the Papal States in the Sixteenth Century
Literature Arai Masato Disciplinary Background of Ogai Mori's Writings: Range of Acceptance of Psychology and a Variety of Similar Disciplines
Literature Horiuchi Fumino English Prepositions as an Interface between Embodied Cognition and Dynamic Usage: Proposal of a Dynamic View of Grammar
Academic Field Name Title
Literature Takito Sanae J. F. Reichardt as a Musical Opinion Leader in Northern Germany: The Influence of His Musical Activities on the German Poets
Literature Yoshikawa Masato Exemplars at Work: Theoretical Arguments for Exemplar-based Construction Grammar
Philosophy Murakami Akiko The Innovation of Humanism in Levinas
History Tomita Michie Folklore of Voice and the Character in Ancient China
History Yakubo Noriyoshi Self-Recognition and Political Activity for Survival of the Chinese Islamic Association for National Salvation in the Sino-Japanese War
Philosophy Nishiki Masanori The Worship and Depiction of Yakushi Nyorai with a Focus on Developments within the Tendai Sect
Literature Tateno Fumiaki The Study of Waka Poetry and Books of Waka Poetry in the Middle Ages
Literature Murayama Ryu Creating the "World at Large": The Reception of Miyazawa Kenji Against the Background of the 1930s
Literature Lin Min Jie Lu Xun's Literary Origin and Legacy in Japan: A Study Focusing on His "Mentor-Disciple" Relationships
Literature Tanemura Kazufumi Continuity and Transformation in the Exegetics of the Shijing—Focusing on the Studies of the Shijing During the Northern Song Period
Academic Field Name Title
Philosophy Kitamura Naoaki The Layers and Limits of Reality: A Metaphysics of Grounding and Fundamentality
Library and Information Science Kimura Maiko Name Authority Data and Its Model for Non-Latin Representations with Special Emphasis on Chinese Characters
History Shimoda Kentaro Historical Anthropology of Remembering of Minamata Disease Experiences: Diachronic Analyses of the Resonance of Artifacts and Narratives
Philosophy Genka Tohru The Boundary Between Perception and Judgment: How Many Kinds of Things Can We Perceive?
History Fujimoto Makoto Ancient National Buddhism and Its Social Ruling Function in Regional Communities
Literature Hirata Eiichiro The Paradox of Presence and Absence: Studies on Japanese and European Theatre
History Okada Mayumi Archeological Heritage Management in Israel: Theory, Practice, and Historical Changes
Philosophy Tanaka Aya Plato's Cratylus: The Correctness of Names and the Natural Correctness of Naming
Literature Sekine Ken The Literature of Resistance—The Works and Life of Ah-Long, a Military Officer of the National Revolutionary Army
Philosophy Aoyama Takuo Time Diverges: The Philosophy of Free Will
Academic Field Name Title
Philosophy Sugio Hajime Epistemic Turn in Physics
Literature Yamane Ryoichi Cosmos and Cosmopolitanism: Vehicles for William Faulkner's American South
History Adachi Kaori Typological Chronology of Pottery From the Latter Half of the Middle Jomon Period in the Northern Tohoku Region, Japan
Literature Kato Yukari Transpacific Fakelore of the Asiatic: Relocating Ethnicity in Nikkei Literature and Native North American Literature
History Yokoyama Kyoko A Study on the Parade Reception System for the Embassies of the King of Choson to Tokugawa Japan
Library and Information Science Yokoi Keiko Open Access Journal in the Context of Scholarly Journal
Philosophy Akiho Wataru Essence and Existence—The Genesis of Spinoza's Metaphysics and Its Development
Literature Matsui Kazuma The Spectacle of the Empire: Haunting Figures in Henry James's Later Works
Philosophy Okada Akihiro Wagner's Der Ring Des Nibelungen: Processes of Composition and Distinctive Techniques of Orchestration
Philosophy Tsuda Tetsuei The Study of Heian Period Esoteric Buddhist Sculptural Trends and Characteristics
History Yamaguchi Motoki Transformation of the Arab Association Al-Irshad in the Emerging Indonesian State: Islamic Reformism, Education, and National Integration
Philosophy Nishimura Yohei The Soul in Plotinus' Philosophy—Its Structure and Problems
History Yasuoka Sunao The Developing Process of Lukacs' Early Philosophy —Radical Revolutionary Socialism and Its Limits—
Literature Akiyama Minoru Izumi Kyoka: His Stories of Transformation
Academic Field Name Title
Philosophy Sato Yuri The Cognitive Efficacy of Diagrammatic Representations in Logical Reasoning
Literature Hashimoto Yosuke Comparative Poetics of Narrative Time and Narrative Voice Based on Japanese and Chinese
Literature Ozaki Natsuko Representation of Osaka by Sakunosuke Oda: The Strategy and the Significance in the 1930s and 1940s
Library and Information Science Kishida Kazuaki Large-Scale Multilingual Document Clustering
Philosophy Morimoto Ryouta Evolutionary Theory From an Informational Point of View: The Philosophical Meaning of Probability in Evolutionary Theory
Academic Field Name Title
History Ohyabu Umi Muromachi Bakufu and Regional Ruling Powers Other Than Provincial Governorship (hi-shugo chiiki kenryoku)
Library and Information Science Sakai Yukiko Readability as a Factor for Effectively Communicating Health Information
Literature Nakamoto Masato The Performances of the Sacred Shinto Music of the Imperial Court and the Musicians
Philosophy Kotegawa Shojiro Person and Truth: The Theory of Reason in Levinas' Totality and Infinity
Literature Ogawa Mari Aspects of Medieval Friendship: Representations of Ciceronian Idealization and False Friendship in Middle English Texts
Philosophy Akiba Takeshi The Ontological Ground of Predicative Truth: A Truthmaker Argument for Tropes
Library and Information Science Koizumi Masanori Strategic and Organizational Theory for Libraries
Philosophy Mizuno Toshinari Theory of Happiness by J. S. Mill: A Possibility of Hedonism
Literature Mori Yoko The Ancient Japanese People's Perception of Kami (God)
Literature Nagahori Yuzo Lu Xun and Trotsky: Literature and Revolution in China
Philosophy Matsumoto Shunkichi Conceptual Problems in Evolutionary Biology: Adaptation, Human Culture, and Units of Selection
Philosophy Tanaka Senji The Evolution of Altruism and the Levels of Selection
Philosophy Enzo Aya Medical Services Satisfying the Preservation of Patient Quality of Life and Patient-Centered Medicine: An Ethical Consideration
Philosophy Mineshima Koji Aspects of Inference in Natural Language

The abstracts and full texts of doctoral dissertations from 2013 onwards are listed on KOARA (KeiO Associated Repository of Academic resources).